What Is Love??

Someone told me….

Love is when you close your eyes, you see her radiant body and it excites you
You dream soo much of her, you start taking sleeping pills and acting like a fool

The perfume of her hair, her sweet smell lingers wherever you happen to go
Her beauty seems to increase day by day; it is more stunning than the moonlight glow

Those hard strong, passionate feelings are hard to describe
That burning desire increases everyday and every night

Everyday that passes by you become restless
Your thirst for her is at its peak, you wonder if it will start to decrease

You will smile for no reason, for no reason at all
You will make yourself cry because of wanting her soo bad

Her voice when she sings makes you hypnotised
Every breath that you take, you think of her, it cannot be denied

Am I in love I hear you ask…..
Yes, because…..

Every time I close my eyes I see myself amongst the people in Jannah rejoicing
I keep dreaming of myself praising my lord while my soul is in a green bird, flying

The only scent I love is the sweet aroma of my blood that gushes out when I attack the enemy
The beauty of my sword can outdo everything in the world I have seen

The strong feelings I have are also hard to describe
The burning desire to defeat the kuffar increases every night

I get restless as I wait, because I am a man of action
I am starving to destroy those pagans with both my hands and guns

I smile continuously because I am doing the peak of Islam
I cry out of fear of my lord and not to be misguided by the world

The mesmerising and charming voice of my bride in Jannah is what I hear time to time
Telling me to carry on doing what I am in love with and assuring everything will be fine

What am I in love with? I hear you say
Isn’t it obvious my dear brother?
It’s the best thing, jihad in Allah’s way!

from: someone

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