Yeast separation…My final year project

This is my final year project under dedicated lecturer Dr M. suffian.The title is `Studies on separation of yeast cells from aqueous solution using Colloidal Gas Aphrons(CGAs)`.The title give me a bit scary.

I try to test on the 5 parameter which will be used to measure the efficiency of the yeast separation.Wow! sounds great…really tough to me la..But there is a will there is a way.

I`m going to give you all a lecture about CGAs.The term colloidal was used because of the small size of the bubbles about 10-100mm in diameter.Sebba,one of the famous scientist defined CGAs as a micro bubbles created by intense stirring (5000-10000rpm) of a surfactant solution.This technique used in yeast fermentation and separation of particles.

The project is still in progress.Still need more time and energy to finish more than 100 experiment.May Allah give me the best results.

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